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June 17, 2010


bill collins

It is not a good idea to have Shinnecock, Winged Foot , and Bethpage on a " rota - regular " basis. There are plenty of several very good courses in the New England area that can host an USGA event , as well as some others in the upstate New York area that could do that. My point is that, in my opinion, a " rota basis " is a bad idea that leaves quite a few golf courses out of the picture. The same thing with the BRITISH OPEN which does not get to be played on a lot of several very good BRITISH golf courses in ENGLAND. With the exception of St. Andrews, I get tired of the same-old , same-old rota of the Open! It get to be tiresomely boring and it can hurt the Open. IF the OPEN gets to be played elsewhere , for example, at an IRISH golf course, the better it will be for the Open and the Irish fans. That is why I hate the system or idea of a rotational basis.

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